I have been under the care of Dr. Beach for almost 2 years. When I first went to see her I was in a pit of despair suffering from a myriad of physical symptoms that no one seemed to be able to help me with. I had never gone to a Naturopathic Doctor before and was not fully sure of what my visit would entail, nor the full extent of the expertise that Naturopathic doctors have. From the moment I met Dr. Beach, I felt the weight of the world lifted off my shoulders. Finally I had found someone who not only was willing to listen to how I felt with compassion but also someone who was willing to seek and find answers for me. Since this initial visit I consider Dr. Beach to be my primary care physician. Her ability to offer a variety of possible solutions, her genuine desire to help, and her willingness to answer questions are some of of her biggest attributes. She never gives up and in doing so helped me never give up. I recommend Dr. Beach whole heartedly. She has been such a blessing to me.”

Dana Powell

Dr. Beach saved my life. I started going to her three years ago when I felt completely hopeless. I was suffering from many chronic conditions, and no doctors would give me the time of day or give me any answers. From the very first appointment with her, till now, she has been nothing but caring, supportive. She has given me hope, answers, and finally some quality of life. I don’t know where I would be without her! I tell everyone I know to go see her, and will continue to do so.”

Jen Meers

I have been under Dr. Beach’s care for a couple of years. Under her care and supervision, my health has never been better! She has helped discover things that have been undiagnosed in me for years.  She figured it all out.  She takes her job as a healer very seriously.

 She has also cared for my 91 year old mother with the utmost care and compassion.  My mother’s health was dramatically declining when she first started seeing her in her 89th year.  Because of Dr. Beach’s care of my mother, her life has been extended in a very healthy and happy way.  My mother is feeling much better than she has in years. It has been a dramatic change – for the better.  It was as if she turned back a lot of time for my mother, everyone remarks about how great she looks and how active she is. They are amazed, actually.

 Dr. Beach is very knowledgeable, caring, articulate, kind, compassionate, and gets to the bottom of why symptoms are occurring and helps to get rid of the reason why the symptoms are present.  It is not just about treating the symptoms, but why they are occurring.  Her recommendations to maintain excellent health work.  She is an exceptional doctor and scientist.

 I have recommended many, many people to enlist the care of Dr. Beach.  It is my honour to do so. Kamloops is lucky to have her as our own. ”

Judy Basso

I am in my late 20’s and had been battling both digestive (IBD) and skin issues for years. I live in Alberta but grew up in BC. When the medical system could not do anything further for me (other than provide more medication with many side- effects), I came to Dr. Beach. I was in the prime of my life and engaged but I was feeling the worst I had ever felt. Dr. Beach confirmed what was going on and gave me hope that there was a solution. She explained in detail what had been causing my issues and made a plan of action.  I was hoping this would help, but as nothing had worked before, I was just hoping for some minor relief. The plan worked.  It took time and dedication to stick with the allergy-eating plan and we tweaked it a few times. She was so patient and understanding through the whole process. Dr. Beach walked me thought every step of the way.  I have never had a health practitioner care so much about my health; she is truly incredible.

Long story short, I walked down the aisle with glowing skin, a healthy belly and I did not have to think too much about what I was eating. I look forward to growing old under Dr. Beach’s care. This has taught me that life will bring you challenges, but finding the right health care practitioner makes all the difference in how your quality of life will be through the process. Thank you!”

Julie Gowans